In-Ground Pool Removal

Look no further for the in-ground swimming pool demolition experts.
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30+ Years Combined Experience

We've been doing this for a long time and know how to get the job done right. With our soil compaction methods, you'll get the perfect soil density for a beautiful grassy lawn or higher density for future construction.

Beautiful Results

When we're finished, there won't be any sign that a pool was there. We compact and grade the soil to make it ready and perfect for sod or future construction.

Our Pool Removal Features

With over 30 years of combined experience with swimming pool demolition, we’ve seen it all and take pride in our work. 
Concrete Removal
Recycle All Debris
Pool Pumping
Fencing Removal
Soil Compaction
Structural Fill Soil
Fill Soil Free of Organics
Final Grading for Drainage
Sod and Landscaping

Our Process

Our expert process ensures that there's no visible settlement, even years after the project is complete.
Determine future use of the space with home owners
Do you envision a beautiful backyard where kids can run and play? Or will the space be a foundation for future construction? The answers to these questions dictates how we need to tackle the job.
Heavy Equipment In / Out Plan
We do our best to get our heavy equipment in and out as unintrusively as possible.
Dig Out and Recycle Concrete and Debris
All concrete and debris are dug out, separated, and hauled out to be recycled. 
Soil Compaction and Grading
We bring in fill soil that's free of organics and have a special process of compacting the soil in layers to just the right density required for new sod or for new construction. Finally, we bring in pulverized and screened black dirt and grade it for proper water drainage. 
There are many additional services that can be added which include:
Fencing Removal
Pool Pumping
New Sod and Landscaping
Hardscapes and Boulder Walls
New Patios
Ponds and Water Features

Pool Demolition Packages

We tailor a pool removal package that not only reflects the specific needs of your property, but also matches your budget.
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