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Retaining Walls

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As one of the most experienced retaining wall companies in the upper Midwest, we can confidently install natural stone, boulder and modular block retaining walls in a variety of landscapes.
Large or Small
We have built both modular block and boulder walls over twenty feet tall in many communities around the Twin Cities, for both large commercial and small residential jobs.
Engineered and Built to Last
We work extensively with a licensed geo-technician and civil engineer that provides us with stamped, certified plans specifically designed for each site.

Retaining Wall Failures

  • Catastrophic Failure

    Notice how the driveway is dipping and sinking along with the catastrophic retaining wall failure.
  • Notice the Bulge

    This is a classic sign that a catastrophic retaining wall blow-out is imminent.
  • 1 Year Later

    This is the same wall 1 year later after the bulge finally gave in and collapsed. These failures can be prevented by hiring a contractor that implements the proper retaining wall design, engineering, and construction methods.

New or Repair

We not only install new retaining walls, but we also repair existing retaining walls that may be failing, damaged or both.

Built Right

Many contractors take the typical “stack the stones" approach. At Dirt Monkey Inc, we realize there is much more to it than that. Water drainage, grading, and soil compaction all play large role in the quality and longevity of your wall. Every single one of our project leaders has taken classes on soil dynamics and geo-grid reinforcement techniques in retaining wall applications.

We prefer VERSA-LOK®

We prefer to use Versa-Lok blocks which are solid and pinned together. Hollow blocks are typically less expensive and lighter, BUT they also have a greater chance to separate and fail prematurely.
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